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Retail Management Hero (RMH) is a complete retail management solution that enables small-to-medium retailers to efficiently manage all their back office and POS activities.

RMH is perfect for apparel grocery boutiques drug stores sporting goods convenience stores and other retail stores.

The RMH is a perfect solution for single store to groups of stores. Packed with features and functionality, RMH addresses the needs of businesses in many verticals within the retail sector, including convenience, grocery, apparel, sporting goods, wine & spirits, gift & specialty, and more.


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Our Features

Intuitive GUI

Fully customizable, intuitive graphical user interfaces with touch-screen optimization.

Powerful POS Functionalities

Advanced POS functions including serialized Items, ad-hoc line item, charges (shipping, alterations etc.), input by weight, layaways, quotes and work orders.

Built-in Report Designer

Includes receipt, label and report designer allowing for customization and consistent branding.

Sophisticated Back Office feature

Advanced purchase orders (including invoice matching), advanced accounts receivables, advanced purchase limit, and advanced matrix item set-up.

Various Payment Processing Options

Card payment integration, out-of-the box, to a variety of leading payment gateways and processors.

Omnichannel & eCommerce

Customer omnichannel loyalty and promotion integrations. eCommerce integration available worldwide.


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Our Company

In 2006, a big retail company required a dedicated POS support team which brought about the inception of <strong>Dynamic Global Enterprise Systems, Inc. (DGES).</strong> From a team of 3, it grew to 30 employees purely supporting retail businesses from POS, back office processing to hardware and network installations. To date, DGES oversees retail operations of over 500 stores nationwide.

DGES clients are using POS that is created and fully integrated in an ERP solution. This works well for enterprise type businesses with multiple brands and dozens of stores. But in the Philippine market there’s a huge number of small and medium retail companies who cannot afford such solution. They need a standalone yet powerful POS system that can help them grow their business. With this knowledge, DGES started looking for a solution that can serve this market. The key people behind DGES have solid experience selling POS way back early of 2000 including Microsoft Retail Management System. This prompted the management of DGES to grab the opportunity when RMH opened the exclusive distributorship in the country. With the experience of DGES in the retail industry, it is confident that it can grow the RMH business in the Philippines by answering needs of the local retailers.